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Health Service Private Bytes Threshold Critical Alert in Operations Manager 2007

Probably something that is going to be fixed in the next MP release: The Entity Health for your management server is critical because the Health Service Private Bytes Threshold is critical. The reason for this is that the threshold is … Continue reading

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Windows Server 2008 Technology Posters

These Windows Server 2008 components posters are just so cool. I got our Inhouse department to print them in A2 for me and they’re now hanging by my desk in the office. Download them here

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Finally – get hotfix without calling Microsoft

Microsoft has finally made it easier, for us/you guys who doesn’t have partner agreements wiht Microsoft, to get a hold of hotfixes. You can no go to the link below to request a hotfix related to a KB article Contact Us: Hotfix Request Web … Continue reading

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Virtualization – Microsoft vs VMWare (comparison)

It’s very difficult to make a proper comparison on Virtual Server and VMWare ESX server, because that’s like comparing apples and oranges, so what i’m going to do is to look a bit into the future and do a comparison on … Continue reading

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Hi All

I finally thought that it was about time to start up my own blog when i spend so much time on reading others. My focus on this blog will mainly be on Microsoft technology and how they compare to other competing products.

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